Adolescent Girls’ Advocacy Network – Malawi

Grantee since: 2010
LGL Fellow: Howard Harrison Kasiya (2010 Cohort)
Organization’s Mission: AGANET Malawi is a network of individuals, organizations, and institutions in the public, private, and donor community working together to advocate for adolescent girls’ issues in Malawi and facilitate a visible and unique promotion of their wellbeing and sustainable livelihood.
Granted Projects:
2010: Plan for the implementation of the Malawi Girls’ Advocacy Network
2012: Launch AGANET to improve the wellbeing & empower girls in Malawi: mobilize support & build the capacity of AGANET and girls
2013: Age of Marriage Law Reform and Enforcement Campaign: educate decision-makers about the need to eliminate child marriage
2014: Enhance a safe and supportive environment for girls and young women in Malawi: capacity building for girls & community/religious leaders & advocate for an Age of Marriage bill.