Juany Garcia

Guatemala Country Coordinator (Consultant)

Juany is a Psychologist with a degree from Rafael Landivar University in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. She spent her childhood in a village in western Guatemala with her parents and three sisters, in a very patriarchal and macho culture, hence her interest in igniting social and cultural changes. As a psychologist she started working in social organizations with children and youth in Guatemala, contributing to the prevention of violence, exploitation, and trafficking, and focusing on conflict resolution, participation, and leadership, as well as public policy and media. She has worked with organizations including ICA Friends Association, IDEI, ICES, Word Vision, COMUNICARES, the Ministry of Social Development and UNICEF. In 2009 she became a Let Girls Lead fellow, and in 2010 she launched a self-sustaining project in collaboration with LGL that works in a Maya Mam municipality to improve the living conditions of children and adolescents. Most recently, she has been the lead facilitator for the Girls Voices Initiative as part of her work with Let Girls Lead and has led a group of adolescents in the process of national advocacy for the Sustainable Development Goals. She lives in Quetzaltenango with her partner and her two-year-old daughter.