Must-Read: A Bold New Vision for Rise Up

The last few years pushed us all to reconsider how we work, how we live, and what we want from the future. At Rise Up, we also wanted to reflect on what this different world meant for us as an organization and for the global gender equity and justice movement. 

That is why, after more than a decade of advancing gender equity across the world, Rise Up embarked on its most ambitious visioning and planning process to-date. This rigorous year-long process gave us a bold new roadmap for how we, in partnership with powerful Rise Up Leaders, will improve the lives of more than 200 million girls, women, and gender-nonconforming people. 

Intrigued? We hope so. You can see our bold new vision and plan here.

We are already making progress on implementing this vision by:

  • Doubling down on our commitment to support local leaders
  • Prioritizing a core set of issue areas: health, education, and economic opportunity
  • Focusing our work in the countries where we can make the most impact

You can learn more about how we partner with local Rise Up Leaders through a multifaceted approach of: intensive leadership and advocacy training, competitive funding and support for solutions that advance gender equity, and connection to a global network of peers, funders, decisionmakers, and allies to amplify their impact. 

Together with Rise Up Leaders, we are creating a future where all people can thrive. Thank you for your constant support. We see a bright – and more equitable – future ahead.