Amika Mota

Executive Director, Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition

As Executive Director and in partnership with the active chapters of the Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition, Amika spearheads policy and electoral strategies to shift power and lead local and statewide systems and policy changes. As a teen mother and midwife, Amika began organizing for reproductive justice and young mothers’ rights over 20 years ago. She began advocating for women in prison during her seven years of incarceration in the California Department of Corrections. While inside, she worked as a jailhouse lawyer, paralegal, firefighter, and mentor to many young folks on the yard. The sisterhood and resilience of the women on the inside are what motivate her to revolutionize the criminal justice system. She is committed to lifting up the voices, visibility, and leadership of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.

Rise Up Cohort: California, 2023