Partnering with Women, Girls, and Allies for Gender Justice Everywhere

Rise Up works to advance gender equity and justice in education, health, and economic opportunity by partnering with visionary local leaders around the world. We build power with women, girls, and their allies by providing training, funding, and connection to a global network to help them achieve meaningful, lasting change. Rise Up works with leaders in Africa, South Asia, Latin America, and the United States to create a future where all people can thrive. Since 2009, Rise Up’s powerful network of 800 leaders has successfully advocated for over 185 new and improved laws and policies, positively impacting more than 160 million people around the world. Learn more.

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15 Years of Global Impact

15 Years of Global Impact

This year marks Rise Up’s 15th anniversary, and we are proud to share that our global network of leaders has improved the lives of 172 million people. Our new report, 15 Years of Global Impact, is now available, and it is filled with stories of courage, dedication, and a commitment to transformational change.

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