We’re Stronger When We Rise Up Together

By the Rise Up Team | November 11, 2016

Rise Up’s work did not begin with this presidential campaign, and it does not end with this election. And as our fight for girls, youth, and women everywhere becomes more difficult, we strengthen our resolve to speak out for the voiceless, to champion human rights, and to continue to rise up together.

For just as Rise Up’s leaders do not give up in the battle against misogyny, racism, and oppression, we will not give up. Now more than ever, we rise up with girls, youth, and women around the world who are working to end injustice.

We rise up with girls in Louisiana who are mobilizing their communities. Rise Up leader Nakita Shavers enables marginalized girls of color to raise their voices to fight racism and violence.

We rise up with young people in Mississippi who are fighting for their right to reproductive health care. Rise Up leader Monica Atkins is advocating with Jackson school districts to ensure that young people have access to comprehensive sexuality education and services.

We rise up with women who are combating gender-based violence. Rise Up leader Danessa Luna provides critical support to Guatemalan survivors of sexual violence, and Rise Up leader Aisha Cooper Bruce fights to ensure that Liberian girls are safe from child marriage.

Since 2009, Rise Up has enabled girls, youth, and women to transform their families, communities, countries, and the world. Rise Up’s global network has advocated for over 100 laws and policies impacting 115 million people.

And in the weeks and years ahead, Rise Up’s support for girls, youth, and women leaders in the US and around the world will be more important than ever before.

We need your help. Please join this movement of girls, youth, and women who rise up together to fight injustice.

Rise Up with us. Because we’re stronger when we rise up together.