Rise Up activates girls, youth, women, and their allies to drive exponential change by strengthening leadership, investing in local solutions, and building movements for a more just and equitable world. Rise Up’s network of more than 600 Leaders have successfully advocated for 120 new and improved laws and policies impacting the lives of 135 million people since 2009.

Continuous learning and evaluation is central to Rise Up’s success, and we are proud to share our 2019 External Evaluation Report, an assessment of our impacts since 2009, conducted by the Institute of International Education.



In 2019, Rise Up partnered with the Institute of International Education’s (IIE’s) Research, Evaluation, and Learning team to conduct a rigorous external evaluation of Rise Up’s model and impacts. The evaluation examined Rise Up Leaders’ advocacy achievements in the areas of health, education, well-being, and rights, in addition to their increased skills, capacity, professional growth, and engagement with girls, youth, and women since joining Rise Up. IIE’s team invited Rise Up Leaders to take part in the evaluation, which generated a 78% response rate and was a representative sample of Rise Up Leaders.  

The IIE Evaluation built upon earlier findings from Rise Up’s 2016 impact survey, which had a response rate of 59%. These two evaluations are the basis for Rise Up’s global impact numbers over the past ten years. In both evaluations, Rise Up Leaders reported on national and sub-national advocacy successes, including passage and improved implementation of formal laws and policies, in addition to budget allocations and other advocacy impacts. 

Rise Up Leaders’ reported impacts were included in the global impact numbers if the laws and policies had already been passed or better implemented at the time of the assessment, following full validation by Rise Up staff and in-country experts. Ongoing advocacy work to pass a law or policy was not counted in the evaluation, and multiple mentions of the same law, policy or advocacy win were counted only once. Calculations are based on UN Development Program population estimates for the relevant demographic groups impacted by each national-level law, policy, or advocacy win.


Rise Up uses a unique “ripple” approach to advance health, education, and equity for girls, youth, and women. With a focus on advocacy, innovation, and individual leadership development, Rise Up enables visionary local leaders to strengthen their organizations, lead change in their communities, and advance national-level impact through improved laws, programs, and funding for girls, youth, and women, creating exponential change.


In 2020, as the world responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rise Up Leaders adapted and persevered to successfully advocate for 16 new and improved laws, policies, and programs, impacting more than 4.7 million people in Nigeria, India, Guatemala, and Malawi.

We invite you to review our 2020 Annual Report, which details the powerful impact our leaders are achieving worldwide, and the many generous supporters and allies who make this transformational work possible.

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