Rise Up collaborates with nonprofit, corporate, and foundation partners to drive powerful solutions to improve the health, education, rights, and well-being of girls and women around the world. We bring our core expertise in advocacy for women and girls to partner with organizations to achieve large-scale impact.

Through these strategic partnerships, Rise Up’s network of more than 600 Leaders have impacted the lives of 135 million people since 2009, advancing gender equity, health access, girls’ rights, economic opportunity, and other critical issues. 

We work closely with our partners to develop opportunities for meaningful engagement, shared learning, and volunteering. Partnering with Rise Up is an opportunity for organizations, employees, and individuals to leverage their talents, resources, and time to make a difference in the lives of girls and women here in the U.S. and globally.

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Thank you to our current strategic partners:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
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Echidna Giving
NoVo Foundation
Public Health Institute
The Summit Foundation
Westwind Foundation


Powering Women in India, and Around the World

In partnership with Cummins Inc, Rise Up invests in leaders to improve the lives of girls and women in India, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United States through the Cummins Powers Women Initiative. This partnership has expanded Rise Up’s reach to activate women and girls to realize their own potential and speak out as leaders to create a more just and equitable world. Watch the following video, provided by Cummins Inc., to learn more about our partnership in India.