Rise Up Leaders’ Advocacy Wins

In the past six months, Rise Up Leaders have helped pass 8 laws, policies, or programs that have affected over 3 million people. Take a look at some the incredible wins from India, South Africa, and Nigeria below. 

Rise Up Leader Sushmita Mukherjee improved community safeguards against child marriage for 151,183 girls through enhanced enforcement of India’s national Prohibition of Child Marriage Act. 

Specifically, Sushmita and the organization Project Concern International helped establish community groups led by local women leaders that take concrete actions to prevent child marriage and ensure girls can safely attend school.

Rise Up Leader Unathi Mahlati strengthened protections and conditions for 133,998 people currently in custody across 243 correctional facilities in South Africa, providing clear ways to report abuse, mandatory training for prison staff, and community oversight.

Unathi and the organization Just Detention International South Africa (JDI-SA) achieved this goal through an official agreement with the Department of Correctional Services to incorporate JDI-SA’s sexual abuse prevention curriculum into its standard warden training. 

Rise Up Leader Betty Abah protected 3,681 children and teenage girls in Nigeria from sexual abuse and assault by creating a monitoring system to report and enforce gender-based violence laws.

After a year of mobilizing cross-sector leaders, Betty and the Centre for Children’s Health Education, Orientation and Protection won the endorsement of Lagos State to form official committees to stop gender-based violence across 3 Lagos communities.