Rise Up Stands for Families

By Josie Ramos, on behalf of Rise Up

Rise Up stands in solidarity with our allies, partners, and grantees in opposing the “zero-tolerance” immigration policy that included separating children from their migrant parents when they cross the U.S. border. This policy negates the basic human rights, safety, and well-being of the 2,342 (and counting) children and their parents being held in U.S. detention centers.

President Trump recently signed an Executive Order reversing this policy of separating families, but instead detains entire families together while ignoring legal time limits on the detention of minors. Although this order calls an end to future separations, it does nothing to reunite the families that have already been separated and calls for “indefinite” detention times for families.

At Rise Up, we work with leaders from the Global South who dedicate their lives to advocating for better health, education, and safety in their communities, including many parts of Mexico and Central America from which immigrants are fleeing violence, oppression, and extreme poverty.

Rise Up stands united with our sister organizations working to end this zero-tolerance policy and reunite families that have been torn apart. We will also continue to support girls, women, and their allies in Central America and around the world to increase access to education, health services, and viable economic opportunities to make their countries viable and safe.

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