Ana Carolina Martins

Co-Founder, A Visionária Lab | Brazil

Ana is an activist for equity and social justice, a documentary filmmaker, a researcher of Afro-Brazilian history and culture, and a specialist in social entrepreneurship. A Black and bisexual social entrepreneur, she is the co-founder of A Visionária Lab, a cinema and creative economy laboratory. She fights discrimination and underrepresentation of Black women in the creative and cultural industry, seeking to reverse the historical erasure of African and Indigenous peoples throughout Latin America through activism, cultural appreciation, keeping records of memories, and creation of new narratives. 

As a leader, she is dedicated to promoting interculturality and autonomy, using hybrid and participatory methodologies as catalysts for innovation. She believes this stimulates the artistic expressions, inventiveness, education, and political awareness of Black girls and women so that they know their true history and identity and are able to express their worldviews and manifest all of their creative power. 

Rise Up Cohort: Brazil, 2023