Ana Pano

Womxn’s Support and Social Worker, Root and Rebound

Ana is an intersectional feminist, community organizer,  and social worker. In her current role, she provides direct services to systems-impacted and formerly incarcerated womxn in Fresno and the Central Valley. Ana is passionate about local and global solidarity for currently and formerly incarcerated womxn who are in jails, prisons, and detention centers. She is an advocate for grassroots and community-based resources and collaboration to increase reentry supportive services for incarcerated individuals and those returning to their communities and families.

Ana has a master’s degree in social work and has been organizing with community groups throughout California relating to hip hop, feminism, and social justice issues. Ana’s most recent project with Quetzal Beats is a transcontinental hip hop Istmo collaborative focused on Central American, Caribe, and Mexican culture, arts, politics, and diaspora.  

Rise Up Cohort: California 2019