Arvind Laxman Sakat

Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research (PUKAR)

Arvind has worked with tribal communities, street children, orphanages, people with HIV, female domestic workers, farmers, youth, and senior citizens. Currently, his work is focused around enhancing critical thinking among youth, and training them in research methodologies to create a cadre of “barefoot researchers.” The objective is to empower young men to analyze and understand the socio-political constructs of gender, class, ethnicity, caste, and religious culture and to help them become active and responsible citizens. Arvind strongly believes that girls’ rights need to be promoted and fought for and he is committed to contributing to the creation of a more inclusive, gender equitable world.

Arvind has a degree in economics, a master’s in social work, and is an experienced trainer on participatory facilitation and communications.

Rise Up Cohort: India 2019