Claudia Elizabeth Cuéllar Ochoa

San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Legal Advisor, Puerta Violeta & Founder, Luminas, Human Rights Center, A.C.

Claudia is a defender of the rights of Mexican children and women. She founded Luminas Human Rights Center, A.C., where she puts her knowledge into practice to benefit girls and adolescents. She is a lawyer with a background in gender and human rights and experience working with girls, boys, and adolescents. She worked at the women’s shelter Otra Oportunidad A.C., where she was in charge of designing and developing a situational diagnostic of childhood access to justice in the state of San Luis Potosí. She is most interested in working with children and in the prevention of violence and abuse towards this population. In addition to her childhood research work with Luminas Center in the area of childhood research, she currently works at the Municipal Office for Women in San Luis Potosí.

Rise Up Cohort: Mexico 2020