Grace Yila Maikano

Program Officer, Family Health Advocates In Nigeria Initiative (FHANI) | Nigeria

Grace is the program officer at Family Health Advocates in Nigeria Initiative (FHANI). She has over eight years of experience in advocacy, administration, and logistics management, and more recently has become a tenacious advocate who strongly believes that every girl child has the right to school and to pursue a dream in any given sector of society that she finds herself in.

She has worked with the Palladium International team on the Voluntary Rights-Based Family Planning project in Kaduna, Nigeria and has had success advocating with FHANI in helping push for the creation of family planning budget lines in the local government and state levels in Kaduna.

Grace has a BSc in Business Administration from Gombe State University, is a graduate member of Nigerian Institute of Management, and has certifications from Live Your Dreams Africa on Career GPS, Science of Astounding Results (SOAR), and Digital Marketing from the Dream Development Center.

Rise Up Cohort: Nigeria 2022