Isabela Santos Gonçalves Costa 

Coordinator, Minas em Tech | Brazil

A digital nomad for about seven years, Isabela helps territories reach their potential by activating creative technologies. Isabela has been on the backstage of Racionais MC’s shows and played guitar for Petrobras Symphony Orchestra. She has contributed to the construction of the Music Rio Academy, Vivo Rio’s event production and music market school, community buildings at NEX Coworking, as well as the Pact for Democracy project. She also coordinates Minas em Tech (Girls in Tech), a gender equity program for girls from Casa Hacker. She plays an important role in Firmeza Hub, a laboratory that promotes creative technologies. Isabela has studied administration, entertainment management, and environmental, social, and corporate governance at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) Rio. She has also studied culture and politics at Universidade Federal Do Rio De Janeiro (UFRJ) and executive production at Instituto de Artes e Técnicas em Comunicação (IATEC). 

Rise Up Cohort: Brazil, 2023