Jean Berchmans Uwimana (Berky)


Berky’s life experiences have shaped his approach to his work in reproductive and sexual health. He is passionate about abortion education and access, health advocacy, and rural youth health in Rwanda. He is currently in his final year of medical school and working with Medical Students For Choice.

Fiscal Sponsor: Healthy People Rwanda

Project Title: SAVE Project

In Rwanda, half of all abortions are provided by untrained individuals and considered to be high risk. SAVE Project aims to increase the availability of safe abortion by improving the knowledge and capacity of Rwandan medical students around safe abortion. The project will develop a series of short informational videos featuring young doctors covering topics like the Rwandan legal abortion framework, abortion by manual aspiration, and best practices in abortion care. The project will also use digital platforms to allow all medical students at the University of Rwanda to access the videos and to help spark meaningful conversations.  

Rise Up Cohort: Youth Champion 2019