Jitender Naryanan Bhardwaj


Jitender is a peer educator and facilitator dedicated to shifting the narrative around LGBTQ+ community health, gender, and masculinity for healthcare providers and public transportation. Through his organization Beyond Eye, Jitender is creating a curriculum with on-the-ground engagement and mixed media to expand non-judgmental safe spaces. 

Fiscal Sponsor: Development Consortium (implemented by Beyond Eye)

Project Title: Comics for Change

The goal of this project is to educate young people on taboo and stigmatized sexual and reproductive health and rights topics like menstruation, violence stemming from toxic masculinity, and childhood sexual abuse through relevant and engaging digital stories and comic books. The comics will be developed using a human-centered design approach, in collaboration with adolescents, and with input from teachers, and will feature a well-recognized Indian cartoon character. After prototype comics are developed, they will be tested and finalized in workshops and ultimately disseminated among schools and other organizations working with young people.

Rise Up Cohort: Youth Champion 2019