Juntos, Una Experiencia Compartida

Fellow: Alejandra Garcia Muñiz

Grant Year: 2018

City: San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Job Title: Director of Sustainability

Organization: Juntos, Una Experiencia Compartida

Project title: Empowerment and participation of women with disabilities in the public agenda

Project summary: In the Mexican State of San Luis Potosi there are 184,800 people with disabilities who face great challenges in society and struggle to fully enjoy their human rights. Women with disabilities find themselves in an even more challenging situation, as they are frequently victims of violence, inequity and discrimination. With Rise Up’s support, Juntos will advocate with local decision-makers that are responsible for creating public policies to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in San Luis Potosí. Juntos will demand they incorporate a gender perspective throughout the Law on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. Public policy has the power to perpetuate or eliminate discrimination and gender inequality. It is only by making gender a central consideration in the development and implementation of a law that we can advance equality and women’s rights. Juntos will train women with disabilities on advocacy, and empower them to directly engage with decision makers and convince them to include specific affirmative actions and programs that benefit women with disabilities. By incorporating a gender lens into the law, the law will ensure that all women living with disabilities have access to services and opportunities specifically created and planned with their needs in mind. For example, it can ensure that people with disabilities have job opportunities and can guarantee that mothers with disabilities have access to childcare services.