Luciana Souza

Communication & Digital Designer, Bike Anjo | Brazil

Luciana is an urban cyclist, an activist passionate about active mobility by bicycle, a volunteer at the Bike Anjo network, and a member of the Brazilian Cyclists’ Union. She is also the co-creator of Bike Anjas São Paulo, the first active group of the Bike Anjo network, which consists of women who focus on gender issues. She is currently part of the network coordination of Bike Anjo in the city of São Paulo, in addition to working as a communication lead for the country-wide branch of the network. In recent years, she has been dedicated to promoting the use of bicycles as a means of transportation, providing women and girls with greater autonomy and connection with their cities. While at the Brazilian Cyclists’ Union, she found a purpose for her work with design and illustration as a way to reach women across the country. 

Rise Up Cohort: Brazil, 2023