Naureen Lalani


Naureen is a powerful leader and sexual and reproductive health trainer who has dedicated her life to safe abortion and working with marginalized communities. She has a strong interest in policymaking and how religion in Pakistan shapes the policy landscape. Naureen plans to work with youth to create digital stories and comic strips to describe puberty, menstruation, and safe abortion, and share them on social media to create a two-way conversation.

The goal of the project is to contribute to the promotion of SRHR among people living with physical disabilities in Karachi by developing user-friendly resource materials and training SRH trainers. The project will build the capacity of people who work with and for people with disability as trainers on SRH who will be monitored and supported through their dissemination efforts and workshops with disabled youth. Finally, a social media campaign will be implemented to raise awareness on the sexual and reproductive rights of people with disabilities.

Rise Up Cohort: Youth Champion 2017