Patrícia Ramos Silva dos Santos

Podcaster, Instituto Maria da Penha | Brazil

Patrícia is a specialist on human rights and diversity who focuses on domestic violence against women and girls. She is an educator, a defender of citizenship rights, and a podcaster at the Instituto Maria da Penha—an organization that develops projects in the field of women’s rights and domestic violence against women. She is also the manager of the project Se Ela Soubesse (If She Knew) and co-coordinator of the “Popular Legal Promoters” course, where girls and women take classes on popular law and women’s empowerment. She was part of the 2022 Columbia Women’s Leadership Networking Program by Columbia Global Centers. Patrícia also worked on the development (alongside four other women) of the ONG MATCH! that seeks to connect small and medium-sized third sector organizations that develop projects aimed at women with companies or professionals working in areas of interest.

Rise Up Cohort: Brazil, 2023