Tasha Henneman

Chief of Policy and Government Affairs, PRC

Tasha is a social justice advocate and leader. In her current role, she is responsible for PRC’s strategic policy agenda and directs the Black Leadership Council, a statewide coalition of leaders seeking reform across four policy pillars: Health, Wealth, Housing, and Education. She is committed to advancing change across broken systems of care that have historically harmed people of color, girls, women and gender nonconforming folx, through sponsored legislation, community educational events, levering the voices and lived experiences of marginalized groups, and partnerships with coalitions and key members of the community. Tasha has a Doctoral degree in Education. Her research focuses on the phenomenon of preschool expulsions and the disproportionate rates of Black boys and the impacts of the expulsions on the mothers who raised them. Tasha has a long and fruitful track record in public service that includes work in local and state government, higher education, and the nonprofit sector.

Rise Up Cohort: California, 2023