Tizzita Mengesha Tefera


Born in Ethiopia and raised in Kenya, Tizzita co-founded and runs a social enterprise that provides pregnant women with maternal and infant care information using an SMS application. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship, mobile technologies, and using innovation to think differently about problem-solving. Tizzita is committed to the inclusion of the women and girls she serves to find solutions to the challenges they face together.

The project will be a pilot project that will be conducted with, for and by high school and middle school students 10-19 in selected schools in Addis Ababa. Using design thinking and youth focus groups in a selected public high school and middle school, the project will together with the selected youth focus groups identify gaps in SRHR related knowledge and develop contextually relevant and targeted content regarding SRHR issues. At the end of the process, they would have developed Youth-friendly SRHR content and a software platform to disseminate the developed content via shortcode SMS.

Rise Up Cohort: Youth Champion 2017