Anuradha Bhosale

Anuradha Bhosale

Program Coordinator – Avani Organization

Kolhapur, Maharashtra – India

Anuradha has been working since 1995 with waste pickers. Her focus is on economic empowerment and effective leadership. Through the Avani Organization, she has facilitated the formation of a national association for waste pickers, lead training on “going green,” advocated for access to water and facilities in areas of residences, and for policy implementation by the local municipal corporation for shelter homes in Kolhapur. Anuradha has also advocated for and had the local municipal corporation implement the policy for shelter homes in Kolhapur. She and the organization also focus on keeping the children of waste pickers population in school and train them in life skills and leadership.

Currently, she is advocating for a welfare board for the protection of waste pickers to the central government. Anuradha has great leadership qualities and knowledge. She has clear plans for working with the state and central government on policy reform. She is personally connected to the issue and highly motivated.

Rise Up Cohort: CIP India – 2018