The Collective Impact Partnership (CIP) leverages the powerful work of Rise Up, How Women Lead, the Public Health Institute, Global Fund for Women, and World Pulse to increase the economic power of women and girls in India. With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CIP’s innovative approach builds women leaders’ advocacy, individual leadership, and digital capacities to advance economic empowerment and justice for women and girls in Maharashtra.

The project will work with a cohort of 20 India-based women leaders to advance their own initiatives and will award grants to eight organizations. The Collective’s advocacy and leadership development approach will enable women leaders to:

  1. advance public policies that enhance economic empowerment for women;
  2. improve implementation of existing legislation to enhance economic justice and empowerment;
  3. increase resource allocation to support women’s economic empowerment programs; and
  4. create a safe, curated online space for Indian women and girls to connect and raise awareness among allies and influencers on economic justice and empowerment, campaigns, and policies.


Advocacy and Leadership Accelerator

CIP will select 20 women leaders from women-led organizations or networks in Maharashtra to participate in a multi-day intensive workshop where they will expand their skills and approaches to effectively advocate for women’s economic justice issues. The 20 leaders will also build individual and collective leadership capacities through trainings and ongoing coaching.

Seed Grants

Small grants will be provided to the organizations of eight of the participants so that they have the resources to launch and implement initiatives that advocate for economic justice for women and girls.

Digital Change-maker Training and Networking

The leaders will be given support to take advantage of the latest digital technologies to build movement power, and access to a global network of women Changemakers who will help them advance their projects.

Programs begin in Summer 2018.

To download the Rise UP CIP one-pager, click here.

To view the Collective Impact Partners press release, click here.

“Collective Impact Partners: Women’s and Girl’s Economic Empowerment Advocacy in India” is led by the Global Fund for Women, How Women Lead, Public Health Institute, Rise Up, and World Pulse.