Komal Bharam

Komal Bharam

Program Coordinator – Kriya Program

Mulshi Valley, Maharashtra – India

Komal is a part-time program coordinator and trainer for Kriya, a program that provides training to youth on gender-based issues and for girls on physical fitness as a way to push their boundaries. She teaches girls basic physical skills, like riding bicycles, ultimate frisbee, surfing, kayaking, trekking, and swimming, and then provides opportunities for them to build their skills.

In India, girls are not usually allowed to participate in sports or outdoor activities because of limits on their time, mobility, and decreased physical fitness due to prevalent anemia among girls and women. This widespread anemia is due to imposed female-only fasts, menstruation, and the fact that women often eat last and don’t have the choice of the most nutritious foods. Komal addresses anemia specifically in her work with girls. The Kriya Program is training 90 girls and boys about nutrition, gender, and provides a space for them to interact and play together. Since 2017 they have trained 300 youth.

Komal is a daring young leader – the youngest of the cohort — she is excited about more capacity-building opportunities and would like to expand her work on girl-centered advocacy.  Her vision of growing Kriya throughout the immediate demo geographic area and beyond is inspiring.

Rise Up Cohort: CIP India – 2018