Rise Up and Cummins Inchave launched a $6 million partnership to advance social justice and improve education, equity and opportunity for girls and women in Nigeria, Mexico, India, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, and the United States.

Rise Up is building a global movement of visionary social entrepreneurs dedicated to advancing gender equity. We invest in these leaders to strengthen their organizations, lead change in their communities, and advance national-level impact through improved laws, programs, and funding for women and girls.


Our Gender Equity Initiative empowers leaders to expand their impact by providing the training, funding, and resources they need to achieve large scale change at local and national levels through four core strategies:

Advocacy and Leadership Accelerator

Leveraging our core model and award-winning curriculum, Rise Up competitively selects leaders from the non-profit, government, and private sectors in each country to participate in this initiative. Selected Rise Up Leaders participate in a week-long Accelerator in each country where they learn to strengthen their leadership, share their diverse expertise, develop their own advocacy strategies, and collaborate in their ongoing efforts to activate girls and women to become agents of large scale change. These Leaders go on to engage decision-makers within their communities and countries, and apply their new knowledge to launch their own strategies to advance gender equity, social justice, education, and opportunities for girls and women.

Social Justice Fund

Rise Up’s Social Justice Fund provides financial investment and technical support to Rise Up Leaders. Following the Advocacy and Leadership Accelerator, Rise Up Leaders apply for seed funding to launch the advocacy strategies that they develop during the Accelerator that improve health, rights, and justice, increase economic empowerment and opportunity, and end gender-based violence and child marriage for millions of girls and women, focusing on both community level change and national scale level impact.

Girls’ Voices Initiative 

Rise Up’s girls empowerment pipeline leverages and complements our Leadership Accelerator programming by creating a pipeline of girl leaders in coordination with our in-country partners, who learn to raise their voices and stand up for their right to finish school, live safe from violence, and say no to child marriage. Rise Up activates girls (ages 12-18) to realize their own potential and speak out as leaders of transformational change in their communities and countries.

Girls’ and Women's Voices Amplifier

Rise Up also provides hands-on skills-building in public speaking and storytelling to Rise Up Leaders, and leverages our extensive partnerships to enable these visionary leaders to share their powerful work with global and national decision makers at convenings such as the UN General Assembly, the Commission for the Status of Women, and others.

Click the links below to learn more about the current work of our Gender Equity Initiative in respective countries: